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The "Antipodes" is available for sale in Fort Lauderdale, having just returned from an operationally successful adventure in New Zealand. She had 430 dives as deep as 920 feet in the fiords of Milford Sound, South Island, New Zealand, with up to four passengers and a pilot. Milford Sound is in the Piopiotahi Marine Reserve, a World Heritage Conservation Area. Operations were conducted under the rules and approvals of the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) and the New Zealand Marine Safety Authority (MSA). The Antipodes was in full compliance with the stringent safety requirements of both ABS and MSA for her operational site.

The huge (58-inch diameter) hemispherical viewports at each end of the sub each have a 46-inch wide bench seat that easily accommodates two passengers. (In fact, one of the photos shows a pair of 260-lb. passengers comfortably seated in the bow.) The pilot is free to move about with his portable control unit or stand in the conning tower. The sub is comfortable exploring a shallow reef at 50 feet or at any depth to 1000 feet. Her six-vectored thrusters provide extremely maneuverable, helicopter-like handling.

The Antipodes is fully equipped, including sub-to-surface radio with a three-mile range; a tracking unit with transponders, allowing the surface support boat to always know exactly where she is; color sonar; a five-function electric/hydraulic mechanical arm; and four deep-sea lights. Battery chargers and high-pressure air compressor are also part of the subís included equipment.

Antipodesí present configuration was created from the pilot compartment and conning tower from a modular sub originally known as the Perry PC-1501 or VOL-1, built for service in the oil fields of the North Sea. The pilot compartment of the original sub had structural modifications done with the approval of ABS and under the inspection of its surveyors. The newly modified hull configuration was subjected to a pressure test of 1250 feet for maximum operating depth of 1000 feet. The test and later certification dive were attended by ABS surveyors. After the original battery pods were modified and rebuilt, they were pressure tested in the U.S. Navy torpedo test tanks at Port Everglades. The tests were done in accordance with ABS procedures and were witnessed by an ABS surveyor.

We have been fortunate to have had the assistance of some of the finest and most experienced submersible engineers and technicians in the world throughout the development of this unique sub. Antipodes and her equipment are in excellent condition and will provide a new owner many years of service for fun, research, or profit.



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